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Today we take a quick peak at the local online entrepeneur behind fitnessdiscountcodes.co.uk. Hopefully this will be of interest to anyone looking to start a website in order to earn a supplementary income.

FitnessDiscountCodes, as the name suggests, provides discount codes otherwise known as voucher codes for online fitness retailers. This can include nutritional supplements, equipment, clothing etc. If you are looking for a Myprotein discount code or a The Protein Works discount code then FitnessDiscountCodes is the place for you. They also provides articles providing tips on how to save money whilst still pursuing an active lifestyle.

Voucher code websites are nothing new and there are plenty of them out there but the website came to being to target a niche in the fitness industry. It can be expensive trying to lead a healthy life with gym memberships and food bills and there wasn’t any websites providing information on how and on what you can save on. There were some websites that were already providing discount codes for fitness websites however they would impose silly rules on the users such as requiring membership cards. This makes it rather impractical since most people only think about a discount code when they see the discount code box at the checkout screen.

You might be wondering just how a coupon or referral code website makes money? The answer is via an affiliate program whereby the website owner can make a commission from your purchases. Each time a user completes a purchase after clicking on the website’s affiliate link their purchase will be tracked via a cookie. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t cost the consumer anything extra and the cookie is not harmful to your computer in any way. The website can make between 2% and 10% commission on your purchase. So if you spend £50 the website owner can make as much as £5 in commission.

£5 may not sound that much but if you are able to generate just a few converting users a day it can soon add up into a nice side income and when you take into account that the large big brand discount code sites generate thousands then there is clearly money to be made.

The Almonry Museum

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Built in the 14th Century it used to house the almoner of the Benedictine Abbey. The Benedictine Abbey, located in Evesham, was founded in the 8th century.

After Henry VIII closed the abbey, Philip Ballard, the last Abbot took up residency in the Almonry to make it his personal home. The other Abbey buildings were bought by Sir Philip Hoby whose intention was to salvage the stone.

Whilst the Abbey was reported as one of the largest Abbeys in the whole of England only the Almonry, two churches, bell tower and cloister arch remain in existence today.

This historic building has existed in many guises over the years as people have found multiple uses for it including as an ale house, office space, private housing and more until the Evesham Borough Council purchased the property in 1929. The almonry first existed in it’s current form in 1957 when, funded by the council, it was opened as a Heritage Centre.Since the opening in 1957, the Vale of Evesham Historical Society have taken the position of honorary custodians.

A vast collection is housed in the Almonry spanning the prehistoric era to modern day. The artefacts are spread over 12 rooms as well as a garden. The overall theme of the display shows the development and growth of Evesham during the time period. Main features of the collection include the most notable historical events such as the Abbey, the battle of Evesham, Anglo-Saxon burial treasure as well as the implications of war.

If you would like to visit the Almonry the address is The Almonry Heritage Centre, Abbey Gate, Worcestershire, WR11 ABG. They are open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and 2pm to 5pm on Sundays. You are not allowed entry into the museum after 4.30pm although you should enter earlier to give yourself enough time to see everything.

Asparagus Festival

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The British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham takes place annually starting around third week in April and the third week in June ( the “traditional” growing period for Vale Asparagus)

History of the Festival

Asparagus from the Vale of Evesham has become increasingly popular over the years. The asparagus festival was brought about due to a gap in time between the highly successful asparagus auctions that are held at The Fleece Inn in Bretforton and other asparagus events.

In order to use the week’s gap between these events, talks between local tourism and growers resulted in a simple solution, the Asparagus Festival.

The Founding Of The Vale Asparagus Festival

The Vale Asparagus Festival was founded in 2006. It garnered substantial interested from the media, as well as tourism into the area and promoted this fantastic vegetable to the general public. That the festival received such widespread attention was largel thanks to The British Asparagus Growers and the time they put into marketing the event.

The event in 2007 also went well with many organisations doing their bit to promote the festival. This resulted in TV and radio interviews as well as the appearance of the festival in national publications such as magazines, newspapers, food blogs and journals.

Mr Henry Sandon, a local celebrity from BBC Antiques Roadshow fame, was kind enough to start the festival. Rachel Green, celebrity chef, provided cooking demonstrations during the event as well as helped with publicity by becoming the figurehead of the campaign.

The 2007 Vale Asparagus Festival was promoted as “The British Asparagus Festival” by the media and it just so happened that at the time the event organisers were in tanlks with another festival in California, the Stockton Asparagus Festival. This was of particular interest due to the size and popularity of the Stockton Asparagus Festival that is able to bring in thousands of dollars to their community.

If you would like more information regarding the Asparagus Festival please contact: Angela Tidmarsh on 01386 565000m or e-mail: angela.tidmarsh@wychavon.gov.uk or visit the website